ETERNAL SPRING claims top prize at Melbourne Docs; encore screenings at Cinema Nova after sold-out festival appearance

MELBOURNE—Jason Loftus’s new animated documentary feature Eternal Spring captured yet another festival honour Sunday night, earning the Supreme Award at the closing of the 8th annual Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in Australia. 

Eternal Spring’s sold-out second MDFF screening at Cinema Nova in Melbourne, Australia on July 23, 2022.

The film, which explores a dramatic heist of the state TV airwaves by Falun Gong adherents in China, was also a finalist for Best Director and Audience Choice. 

Eternal Spring claimed the top festival honour at MDFF 2022.

Eternal Spring sold out shows July 20 and 23 with the filmmaker in attendance. Cinema Nova has now booked the film for additional screenings on August 5 and August 7. 

Filmmaker Jason Loftus answering audience questions at the 8th MDFF in Melbourne.

“It’s a great honour to take home the Supreme Award at MDFF,” said director and producer Jason Loftus. 

“The audience response to this film was so unbelievably heartening. To see that the jury felt the same way, and that among so many outstanding entries we’ve been given the top prize, is humbling. Thank you on behalf of the Eternal Spring team!” 

Loftus also thanked Canada Down Under for making possible the highly engaged filmmaker Q&As with the audience after each show.

“With such amazing crowds, it meant so much to be able to present the film in person,” said Loftus. “I’m thrilled that audiences enjoyed our conversations as well.”

The first of two screenings at MDFF in Melbourne’s Cinema Nova. A packed advance screening on July 20, 2022.

“I believe freedom of speech and belief are universal pursuits,” said Loftus. “I’m thankful that this story has resonated so widely. I also hope it can shine a light on issues that are still ongoing in China.”

ETERNAL SPRING had already nabbed a dozen festival honours during its brief run this spring, including double-wins at both Hot Docs in Toronto and Thessaloniki in Greece.  

Tickets for the encore screenings can be found at Cinema Nova’s website, here:

Documentary feature Eternal Spring plays at Cinema Nova on July 23 as part of Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2022.

On the festival front, the film is next due to appear in the Human Rights Dox competition at Dokufest in Kosovo and as part of the Lemons International Documentary Festival in Cyprus.

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