Eternal Spring in Oscar-qualifying doc competition in Krakow

ETERNAL SPRING (長春) is one of fifteen international documentary features appearing in the 2022 Kraków Film Festival international documentary competition. It is the 62nd iteration of the festival, one of the oldest in Europe.

The international documentary competition qualifies one film for the 2023 Academy Awards in the Best Feature Documentary category. Among the films vying with ETERNAL SPRING for that honour is All That Breathes, fresh off its win in Cannes.

Eternal Spring director Jason Loftus (left) speaks with other filmmakers at the 2022 Krakow Film Festival.

ETERNAL SPRING’s Polish premiere at KFF on May 31 featured an introduction from Jeanette Sautner, Political Counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw. The embassy helped make possible the filmmaker’s appearance in person at the festival. Speaking about how important freedom of the press is in light of what is unfolding in Ukraine, Sautner said:

Eternal Spring will help us cut through the propaganda to understand reality and why governments are afraid of a truthful telling of everyday events. In this goal, Jason Loftus and Daxiong are joined by fearless journalists. Canada strongly believes that media freedom remains an important part of democratic society and is essential for the protection of human rights, including freedom of religion and the right to free expression.”

Political Counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw, Jeannette Sautners (left), with Kraków Film Festival’s head programmer Barbara Orlicz (right), introducing ETERNAL SPRING (長春).

Between screenings, Loftus and ETERNAL SPRING artist and film participant Daxiong met with leaders of Kraków’s comics museum (Muzeum Komiksu) and comic book society. Daxiong drew a piece of art to be printed and auctioned off in support of Ukrainians suffering amid the ongoing war in their country.

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