ABC7 Interview: ETERNAL SPRING (長春) to be Opening Night Film at SF DocFest

ETERNAL SPRING (長春) director Jason Loftus was on ABC7 the morning of May 30 to talk about his film playing at the historic Roxie Theater for Opening Night of the 2022 San Francisco Documentary Festival. Watch the interview here:

(Please click here if the video fails to load.)

Ahead of the premiere, other SF press have praised Eternal Spring, including Beyond Chron’s Peter Wong, who describes it “a wonderfully detailed mix of 3D and 2D animation,” adding of the events depicted in the film:

“What becomes clear is that the hijacking of the TV signal wasn’t done for personal glory or some other egotistical motivation…This hijacking was for the cause of truth, nothing more.”

Tickets for ETERNAL SPRING’s Bay Area premiere at SFDocFest can be found on the festival’s website, here.

Share ABC7’s interview with director Jason Loftus, here:

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